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Vanity Teen Magazine

Luis Alonso has participated in Vanity Teen since 2011, first as a web developer, then as a designer, and subsequently as its Deputy Editor and Reprographics Manager until today.


Vanity Teen is a menswear magazine distributed in Europe, North America and East Asia, featuring some of the latest works of artists from all over the world.

Vanity Teen China

In 2021, Vanity Teen released its new edition exclusive for the Chinese market featuring major East Asian stars appreciated by young audiences in China.


This Chinese edition has a team focused on creating avant-garde editorials with compelling interviews and stories featuring current and upcoming new talents.


TASMINE by Fatem is a parisian luxury house specialized in high-quality, signature interior design work featuring high-end materials and IoT automation.

By using he Internet of Things with innovative materials such as electroluminescent windows, TASMINE delivers a unique interior design experience that facilitates life.